Sherry Quan Lee reads from “Love Imagined: a mixed race memoir”

.Love Imagined is an American woman’s unique struggle for identity.
“Joining the long history of women of color fighting to claim literary space to tell our stories, Sherry Quan Lee shares her truth with fierce courage and strength in Love Imagined. … Quan Lee crafts a riveting tale of Minnesota life set within the backdrop of racial segregation, the Cold War, the sexual revolution while navigating it all through the lens of her multi-layered identities. A true demonstration of the power of an intersectional perspective.”
–Kandace Creel Falcón, Ph.D., Director of Women’s and Gender Studies, Minnesota State University, Moorhead

Love Imagined: this fascinating, delightful, important book. This imagining love, this longing for love. This poverty of No Love, this persistent racism, sexism, classism, ageism. The pain these evils cause the soul…This is an important document of a mixed-race contemporary woman, a memoir about her family lineages back to slavery, back to China, back to early Minneapolis, and about the struggle of finding herself in all of these.”
–Sharon Doubiago, author of My Father’s Love

“When I read Sherry’s story [Love Imagined], I recognized feelings and meanings that mirrored mine. I felt a sense of release, an exhale, and I knew I could be understood by her in a way that some of my family and friends are unable to grasp, through no fault of their own. It’s the Mixed experience. Sherry Lee’s voice, her story, will no doubt touch and heal many who read it.”
–Lola Osunkoya, MA Founder of Neither/Both LLC, Mixed-Race Community Building and Counseling

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BIO002000 Biography & Autobiography: Cultural Heritage
SOC028000 Social Science: Women’s Studies – General
SOC043000 Social Science: Ethnic Studies – Asian American Studies

Gian Temperilli – Biography of Peter James

On October 28th, 2009 Victor R. Volkman and Robin Marvel interviewed biographer and paranormal expert Gian Temperilli about his new book Heaven Can You Hear Me? — a biography of the late famous psychic Peter James. Gian Temperilli is the founder & CEO of an advertising agency in Southern California. He graduated with a bachelor degree in broadcasting from the University of La Verne in 1995. Since that time, he has worked extensively in the entertainment industry. Gian Temperilli stated that he is “a longtime fan” regarding the career and ability of Peter James on “Sightings” and other paranormal programming.Peter James gained global fame for his abilities as a documented televised psychic and paranormal researcher. As a weekly ‘psychic investigative correspondent’ for the FOX hit primetime television show, “Sightings,” James’ evidential discoveries have become legendary in the field of paranormal research. Peter James was featured in forty four episodes of the series that lasted eight years. The program is currently syndicated in over fifty countries. Additionally, “Sightings” was a national lead-in to a new show in at the time called, “The X-Files.” Gian Temperilli
My co-pilot for this episode is Robin Marvel, an author, Empowerment and life positivity coach, energetic specialist and motivational speaker for children and adults. Using tools from her “Awakening Consciousness” book series she is expanding creativity and self awareness in beings everywhere. Featured on many radio and television shows worldwide she is a leading expert in emPOWERment. She is also the Senior Editor of Marvelous Spirit Press. Robin is the owner of Marvelous Empowerment. Providing a variety of workshops to encourage empowerment in all ages.

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