Niall McLaren – What’s wrong with psychiatry?

Dr. Niall (Jock) McLaren is an Australian psychiatrist, author and theoretician. His work opposes the mainstream view in psychiatry to the extent that he argues modern psychiatry has no scientific basis whatsoever. However, he insists that he is not “anti-psychiatry,” but a committed scientist following his duty of criticizing the prevailing models in his field in order to improve it. He is the author of the two books, Humanizing Madness and Humanizing Psychiatry.

In Humanizing Psychiatry he examines Restriction the Scope of Biological Psychiatry, Resolving the Mind-Body Problem for Psychiatry, Applying the Biocognitive Model to Psychiatry.

In his book, Humanizing Madness: Psychiatry and the Cognitive Neurosciences, he offers a critique of the place of biopsychosocialism in psychiatry as well as examining, among many other important information, the categorical system of diagnosis when it comes to personality disorders. Dr. McLaren speaks of what he terms a theory of mind when refuting the claim led by many in psychiatry and neurology in the United States that mental illness is an organically generated brain disorder. Dr. McLaren provides evidence in this book that the major theory in psychiatry are so flawed as to be beyond salvation.

Niall McLaren

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McLaren proposes Interactive dualism as a partial solution to the mind-brain problem for psychiatry in a paper by that title.

Too many people are only hearing one loud beat of a drum. The drum beating message of pharmaceutical companies and prescription medication sales. Could this be why many in psychiatry today seek to reduce mental illness to a “brain disorder” or “brain disease”? What’s wrong with psychiatry? Is it helpful to view mental illness as having an entirely biological cause? Does that make sense to you?

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Humanizing Madness

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Serenity’s “EDITOR” – ultimate electronic proofreader

I’m finally in the right time and place to begin using EDITOR, an electronic proofreader (by Serenity Software) for the next book  as the author is a first-time writer and a UK writer, I knew I need some serious big guns to get through it.

EDITOR is relentless and gives you six stages of proofing. I’ve already made back my 50 bucks, it would
have cost me $250 to farm this editing out and I think it does a more thorough job than humans. It does
take time, like anything else, but as I’m strapped for cash its worthwhile at the moment. Of course many things need a judgement call, but I’m finding 95% of the time it is correct: there is a better way to say this.  Worse, it’s also teaching me by example how to be a better editor and I’m seeing mistakes in my own emails!  One thing which is always spot-on is its analysis for sentences that need commas.  Many first-time writers eschew the comma to their own detriment.

Unfortuantely, the user interface is a bit bizarre and you MUST read the instructions. But once you get
the hang of it, its pretty OK to use. It is NOT a MS Word plug in, but it does read Word files as long as
you don’t have too many pictures in them. Some of the best features are its “POLISH” module which plucks out trite phrases and pretentious verbiage. The “WORD” analysis module highlights pet phrases and repetitions which will bore the reader.

The value-for-money is unbeatable, I give it 5 starts