Video review – Please Explain “Terrorism” to Me! by Laurie Zelinger, PhD

Lady Lilith writes:

Please Explain Terrorism to Me is a really important book to read to kids. I remember growing up, when terrorism was less, I had a friend who had a cousin who was attacked in Iran. With the increase of attacks and hatred lately, it is important to make kids aware on an age appropriate level. Please Explain Terrorism to Me is a very open book that starts off with the basics allowing the parents to fill in all of the important details.

Complemented by exquisite, colorful artwork, Dr. Zelinger skillfully crafts an easily relatable children’s story using everyday situations, around the oppressive concept of Terrorism in the news. With masterful understanding of the child’s world, new and frightening concepts are introduced carefully and gently, with the child’s perspective in mind. Dr. Zelinger provides parent coaching to further the dialogue in her P-E-A-R-L-S of Wisdom section (Prepare, Explain, Answer, Reassure, Listen, Safeguard) where caregivers are given scripts to guide them, as well room for individuality. This pioneer book helps children and parents face a critical, often avoided topic with reassurance and calm.

Author / Illustrator Claudia Marie Lenart on wool painting

Her first book will be published in April called, “Seasons of Joy; Every day is for outdoor play.” If you’d like to find Claudia Marie Lenart’s work, or Jewel Kats’ books on children with health challenges, please click the links below


Holli Kenley: Empowering Teens to Discover, Define, and Determine Their Worth!

Self-worth is powerful! Our worth determines our choices and our choices determine our worth! In this clip from Holli Kenley’s workshop – “The Power of Worth” – she is guiding teens through 3 steps for Discovering, Defining, and Determining their worth, empowering them with a process for respecting themselves and a pathway to responsible decision-making.

Learn more about Holli Kenley’s work and schedule a workshop for your school or youth group today.

Laurie Zelinger comments on the rise of psychotropic drugs for babies and toddlers

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the rate of anti-depressant use has increased nearly 400 percent in the past two decades, but those statistics do not include the youngest group of patients being treated with psychiatric drugs. RT’s Marina Portnaya has details on the startling new trend of treating kids two years or under.

Learn more about board-certified child psychologist Laurie Zelinger, PhD and her supportive books for children and parents at her website.

Holli Kenley on Cyber Bullying with host Michele Mattia

Did you know that one in five children are cyber bullied?  Did you know that many bullies are victims first?

The more proficient young people become at technology paired with the more time they spend with electronic communication increases their risk for being targeted.  Many adults spend very little time teaching their children safe on-line behaviors and some parents have no guidelines what so ever.

Holli Kenley, M.A., MFT, Recovery Expert and author of the book, Cyber Bulling No More returns to The Lifes Dash and joins host Michele Mattia to discuss parenting a high tech generation.

Cyber bullying is rampant. Every day children are being humiliated, violated, and degraded through the use of electronic devices. Young people are frightened and don’t know where to turn. Parents are frustrated and unsure how to help or how to protect their children.

Join Michele and Holli at 2pm ET as they discuss children’s readiness for technology, contracts and education for parents to consider for their children as they introduce or allow entry of new technology into their lives, cyber bullying and victimization, as well as internet resources for parents, with tools for protection, interventions and prevention.

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