Christine Stark – NICKELS: A Tale of Dissociation

Authors Airwaves captured author Christine Stark’s performance live at Patrick’s Cabaret in Minneapolis, MN on September 9th and 10th 2011.  Christine read chapters from her new book NICKELS: A Tale of Dissociation.Nickels follows a biracial girl named “Little Miss So and So”, from age 4-1/2 into adulthood. Told in a series of prose poems, Nickels’ lyrical and inventive language conveys the dissociative states born of a world formed by persistent and brutal incest and homophobia. The dissociative states enable the child’s survival and, ultimately, the adult’s healing. The story is both heartbreaking and triumphant. Nickels is the groundbreaking debut of Minneapolis-area author
and artist Christine Stark.

Christine Stark

“Christine Stark has crafted a language and a diction commensurate with the shredding of consciousness that is a consequence of childhood sexual abuse. She brings us a wholly original voice in a riveting novel of desperation and love. Every sentence vibrates with a terrible beauty. Every sentence brings the news.”–Patricia Weaver Francisco, author of Telling: A Memoir of Rape and Recovery“To be taken into the mind of a child can be an enchanting
adventure, but to be taken into the mind of a child who is
abused, confused, and taken for granted is a lingering, livid
journey. I applaud her fortitude to bring an olden–too long ignored–truth out of the darkness with blazing, innovative light.”–MariJo Moore, author of The Diamond Doorknob

“In Nickels, Christine Stark, powerfully portrays the story of abuse and its impact on our lives. When this beautifully written and compelling story leaves, you are left wanting more. It’s riveting; a book that will capture you from the beginning and carry you through the end. Everyone should read this book.”

–Olga Trujillo, author of The Sum of My Parts

Nickels: A Tale of Dissociation

David W. Powell – Remembering a Peaceful Warrior

David W. Powell (1941 - 2011)
David Powell was one of the first Viet Nam veterans diagnosed with PTDS to benefit from Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR). Out of this experience came his book, My Tour in Hell, A Marine’s Battle with Combat Trauma, published in 2006. David was a tireless advocate for veterans and for Traumatic Incident Reduction, giving live talks and interviews as well as appearing on radio and TV programs. An excerpt from David’s book, “An Office in Hell”, appeared in the anthology More Than A Memory: Reflections of Viet Nam published by Modern History Press.

In recent years he trained as a TIR facilitator, wrote a workbook for people dealing with post traumatic stress disorder, and was planning on attending and presenting at the 2011 annual Technical Symposium in Ann Arbor. To our great sorrow, we lost David this year to a sudden illness, shortly before the publication of Reboot! Confronting PTSD on Your Own Terms (Forward by John Durkin, PhD). He will be missed by all who knew him.

Ragnhild Malnati writes:

“David Powell did the TIR workshop with me as his Trainer about 2 years ago. In the workshop the other students loved hearing David’s stories about how TIR had helped him with horrendous war experiences. After the Vietnam war, David suffered from PTSD and after trying all kinds of other helping methods in the VA to no avail, he came across TIR and he was cured of PTSD. What was most remarkable about David was his compassion and genuine interest in others. We deeply mourn him and wish his family the best.”

On Sunday morning of this year’s Symposium in Ann Arbor, MI on October 2nd, 2011 at 9:00am there will be a brief memorial service for David for all who wish to attend.

REBOOT! Confronting PTSD on Your Terms: A Workbook
REBOOT! Confronting PTSD on Your Terms: A Workbook
David’s final work, Reboot! Confronting PTSD on Your Own Terms (Loving Healing Press) a 38-page workbook is available through and other fine online retailers.

Alan Smith – Traumatic Incident Reduction

Alan E. Smith author of UnBreak Your Health: The Complete Guide to Complementary & Alternative Therapies interviews  Marian Volkman, President of the Traumatic Incident Reduction Association, on September 25, 2008. She is also a trainer who has taught Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) workshops to therapists, ministers, and peer counselors all over the world including Russia, England, Canada, Japan, and Australia.  In addition to being an instruction, she is also an accomplished practitioner with four decades of expeience as well as  being an author on the subject of TIR and Metapsychology..
They say you can’t “unbreak the mirror”, meaning the damage is done. In the world of healthcare the analogy would be mainstream medicine treating the symptoms of the broken mirror with drugs to try and glue it back together. To UnBreak Your Health™ means discovering the real source of the problem and treating all of it. In this book, you’ll find information new and old and begin to see patterns and concepts between therapies that are consistent through thousands of years and across civilizations around the world.

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Heyward Bruce Ewart III – “A Man’s Account: Growing up with Abuse”

Authors Airwaves is pleased to present Heyward Bruce Ewart, III, PhD reading “A Man’s Account” from his new book AM I BAD? Recovering From Abuse. Compared to domestic violence against women, the of-fense applied to men is rare but yet not absent. Male victims of domestic abuse are rarely attacked physically; instead, they are assaulted verbally and mentally in the partnership. In my practice I have treated both men and women, although in separate groups. Because the same dynamics apply for men; that is, child abuse leading to later abuse, it is worth devoting this account of one single case, because it is indeed an excellent example of the principles so far discussed.David, now in his 60s, still has monthly or more frequent dreams of conquering his father, who has been deceased for nearly 30 years. He remembers as a boy watching his father proudly weave two leather dog leashes together for training the family pet, a pedigree Boxer. At the end of the two woven leashes, he attached a hard, wrapped ball, somewhat larger than a golf ball, which he formed by tightly winding a long, leather thong. He left some remaining strips dangling loose off the end of the ball to resemble a cat-of-nine-tails. Even at his young age, the boy wondered why such a device would be needed to train a dog.Not long after the project was complete, David learned that the weapon was for him. He had been accused, at age 7, of talking back to a teacher, something he had not done, as he tried repeatedly to explain to his parents. But his father took out that odd weapon. The man remembers the horror of not being able to get away, incapable of standing, trying to scurry under the kitchen sink, only to be yanked straight in the air by one arm so the father could get another series of blows in. On and on it went, until the boy believed it would continue until he was dead.
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If you were abused or neglected as a child, chances are that you have been your whole life, whether you are a man, a woman, or a teen. Child abuse so mangles the personality that the victim unconsciously attracts abusers throughout the life cycle. Lies about yourself were planted deep in your mind by the abuse, and you still believe them. They are crippling your life! Do you have any of these signs?

  • You have symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
  • You feel like a second-class citizen.
  • Nobody understands: they ask, “Why can’t you get over it?”
  • You have escaped one abuser only to end up with another.

Until you understand exactly what the abuse did to you, you cannot get free. You can stay in therapy your whole life and never get a clue. OR you can unravel the mysteries once and for all and bring everything to light by reading AM I BAD? Recovering from Abuse. A great resource for victims, therapists, and group work.

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