Holli Kenley: Empowering Teens to Discover, Define, and Determine Their Worth!


Self-worth is powerful! Our worth determines our choices and our choices determine our worth! In this clip from Holli Kenley’s workshop – “The Power of Worth” – she is guiding teens through 3 steps for Discovering, Defining, and Determining their worth, empowering them with a process for respecting themselves and a pathway to responsible decision-making.

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Robin Marvel on helping the homeless

Should homeless have the right to beg on the streets? When you think of the homeless do you imagine “bunk beds in barren warehouses, food lines streaming around the block, and soup kitchens with hungry adults clutching their metal food trays like they are orphaned Oliver Twists?” This old school model of “’helping” people is being changed. Now they’re looking at new ways of helping the homeless: how to get them what they need and really looking at the circumstances of these most vulnerable people. Don was joined by Robin Marvel, Author of Life Check: 7 Steps to Balance Your Life..

The True Nature Of Energy by Diane Wing

Gain a fresh perspective using the energies around you

Have you ever walked into a room and felt like you wanted to leave right away? Ever met a person for whom you had an instant dislike for no apparent reason? Been around certain people and suddenly feel exhausted? People, animals, situations, objects, and environments contain and give off energy.
The energies within and around you can be a major source of anxiety. To discover how to observe, interpret, and direct this abundant energy is to harness the power at your fingertips and create tranquility in your life. This book can guide you in that discovery. In The True Nature of Energy, you will:

  • Improve your relationship with yourself and others
  • Remove unnecessary emotions and see more objectively
  • Attract the right people and circumstances
  • Clear old, outmoded energies from your life
  • Increase self-trust, self-esteem, and self-confidence
  • Learn to sense and direct the energies around you
  • Enhance your natural intuitive ability
  • Find out your vibrational level by taking the Wing Vibrational Scale Quiz
  • Learn simple techniques to fully take charge of your life and your destiny.

Learn more at www.DianeWing.com


Robin Marvel on Body/Mind/Spirit Radio

Robin Marvel is proof that YOU can take the negative life situations you were dealt and turn them into Motivation and Purpose.  Using tools from her books and national workshops, you CAN take a hands-on approach to your life.   BE Empowered to Release the past, Remove the victim mind set and LIVE FREE!  Tonight on InTouch Interviews, Robin tells her story with the enthusiasm of someone who used her abusive past to reshape her life to be amazing!  The purpose in sharing is to help YOU go from excuses to energy!  As Robin always says; “Shine On!”
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