Wendy Hinman’s “Sea Trials”

Sea Trials

Wendy Hinman’s Sea Trials: Around the World with Duct Tape and Bailing Wire offers an unabashed look at what it takes to bring a young family on a multi-year around-the-world adventure on a shoestring budget. The Wilcox family is not your typical yacht-cruising millionaire set. They are an ordinary middle-class family who scrimped and saved years for the best boat they could afford and set off in fact without any prior sea-faring experience outside the calm of San Francisco bay. The story starts off in the middle, a chaotic, life-threatening, nighttime shipwreck on a reef as a flashback and then proceeds linearly from there forwards. The amazing story of how they rebuild and move on after that is just one of a dozen high-stakes adventures in this book.

Of course, no five-year travel book is going to be a page-turner from start to finish. Inevitably, the doldrums set in: a predictable rhythm of equipment failures, improvised repair, dealing with immigration, shopping, exploring the locale, and then back to sea, over and over and over. There is in fact a litany of repetitive complaints mostly about the problems of trying to put children through correspondence school, the unreliability of international mail, money problems, dealing with crooked officials with their hand out, and so on. Interspersed with this are a few snippets of local history for the various ports of call. You get the impression that sailing is a lot like air traffic control, hours of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror. The last few chapters are truly hair-raising as one-by-one systems fail on the last 1500 miles: engine, rigging, and even food.

My main criticism of the book is that it doesn’t maintain a point-of-view. It is always bouncing between the four family members thoughts and feelings which I felt hampered continuity. The overall effect is a narrative more like a reality TV show than a novel. I would have preferred to have an entire chapter from one person’s point-of-view so I could really get a feel for them as a person. Garth, the teenage son and wife of this book’s author would have been an ideal protagonist if the entire book had been portrayed from his POV. That being said, it does help that we get to experience waves of panic, despair, and even depression that sweeps through the parents lives like swells in a rough sea.

Sea Trails is a unique story of a family who doubles-down on adventure, refusing to quit even in the face of insurmountable problems that will stretch them to the limit physically and psychically.. Reading this book will renew your belief in the spirit of America’s pioneering families and a can-do attitude that makes us who we are. Professional Reader

Holli Kenley on safe cyber-parenting with Cyrus Webb

Host Cyrus Webb welcomes back author Holli Kenley to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss her new book POWER DOWN AND PARENT UP. 

Electronic Media Can Endanger As Well As Empower Your Kids

In this decade, our digital world has grown exponentially as has the degree of time both adults and children are spending on their screens. Not surprisingly, researchers are discovering a myriad of unhealthy behaviors associated with excessive screen time.  In “Power Down & Parent Up”, Kenley expands on her groundbreaking book Cyber Bullying No More, giving parents/guardians effective strategies to integrate into their lives and their children’s.  How can we navigate a tech-driven world and raise tech-healthy children?

  • Tackle cyber bullying head-on by implementing a concise “Parent Up” approach with proven strategies for Protection, Intervention, and Prevention.
  • “Power Down” on screen dependence and become fully informed about its growing health concerns and consequences.
  • Learn Seven Proactive Practices such as goal setting and creating a family plan to reduce screen time.
  • Discover Four Healthy Guidelines to add to our parenting toolbox such as learning how to communicate about the false nature of cyber worth and cultivate our children’s real worth.

“Rather imply that families can return to some idealistic less complicated time without Facebook, sexting, social networks, and Twitter, and whatever else comes along, Kenley’s booklet will help parents mitigate possible harm to their children as they integrate this technology hopefully into healthy lives and relationships.”
–Ronald Mah, M.A. LMFT, author of Difficult Behavior in Early Childhood and The One Minute Temper Tantrum Solution

“Holli addresses children’s readiness for technology as well as rules, contracts and education for parents to consider for their children as they introduce or allow entry of new technology into their lives. Cyber bullying and victimization are concerns addressed as well as internet resources for parents, with tools for protection, interventions and prevention–a must for parents in our technological world.”
–Lani Stoner, Marriage and Family Therapist

Learn more at www.HolliKenley.com

Barbara Sinor on “Finding Destiny” with Cyrus Webb

Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Barbara Sinor to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss her book FINDING DESTINY.

Luana, a retired psychotherapist in southern California, discovers a novel about a girl living in England in the 1970s who has been raped. As Luana devours the book, she and the young woman each share their search for the innermost harbor of women’s life choices. Even though they live in separate countries and bridge many decades in time, their individual exploration of metaphysics, spirituality, and women’s rights culminates in a mysterious friendship.

Finding Destiny invites us to find inspiration and to remember the interconnectedness of all things. One question asks the reader, ‘When we fall in love, where does the love come from?’ This in itself is a great starting point for a reading group; I would love to discuss this question with the author straight away. Finding Destiny addresses the reader’s self-awareness, and Sinor nudges us gently to continue our journey of finding our own personal destiny. Reading the book felt like watching a movie; nail-biting moments, tears, and goosebumps–all the ingredients a good Hollywood movie needs!”
–Barbara Patterson, Soul Matters Radio, Germany

Finding Destiny is an engaging book, exploring connections of people separated by time and space. As a woman who has experienced unplanned pregnancy, I was especially appreciative of the exploration of this theme.”
–Juanita Emery, M.A., Health Practitioner

Finding Destiny is the story of two women whose challenges and triumphs mirror each other in many ways. It is also about transformation and how to achieve it. Through this fictional story, Sinor offers an introduction to metaphysical principles that become the foundation for both women’s strength and power.”
–Reverend Margaret Flick, Unity Minister

Finding Destiny goes beneath the skin, down to the internal turmoil and sacrifices of two women a half century and oceans apart as they, with their best conscience, make life-changing decisions.”
–Mary Catherine O’Heart, RN

Learn more at www.DrSinor.com
Visionary Fiction from Marvelous Spirit Press www.MarvelousSpirit.com

Dr. Laurie Zelinger and Illustrator Ann Israeli stop by #ConversationsLIVE 09/12 by Cyrus Webb | Books Podcasts

Host Cyrus Webb welcomes Dr. Laurie Zelinger and illustrator Ann Israeli to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss what it’s been like for them to address important topics for young readers and to see how they are sparking much-needed conversations. Their new book is called PLEASE EXPLAIN TERRORISM TO ME.

Source: Dr. Laurie Zelinger and Illustrator Ann Israeli stop by #ConversationsLIVE 09/12 by Cyrus Webb | Books Podcasts

When the main character turns out to be an author herself

Author Barbara Sinor’s newest book Finding Destiny features a main character who is also an author!

Writing poetry always came easily to me as a child. I would sit and write dozens of poems about my special world, wondering all the while about the forbidden adult world I witnessed around me. As I matured, my poems took on a questioning flavor. I questioned my visible world and pondered the unseen worlds I read about in futuristic books telling of altered consciousness and the paranormal. As I was writing my novel, Finding Destiny, it was clear to me that both of my heroines would be writers, perhaps even published authors.

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