Robin Marvel on helping the homeless

Should homeless have the right to beg on the streets? When you think of the homeless do you imagine “bunk beds in barren warehouses, food lines streaming around the block, and soup kitchens with hungry adults clutching their metal food trays like they are orphaned Oliver Twists?” This old school model of “’helping” people is being changed. Now they’re looking at new ways of helping the homeless: how to get them what they need and really looking at the circumstances of these most vulnerable people. Don was joined by Robin Marvel, Author of Life Check: 7 Steps to Balance Your Life..

Join Holli Kenley on a journey of relapse and recovery

Deep down inside, each of us knows what our truths are.
It is forgivable to lose them…
it is unforgivable not to reclaim them…

Mountain Air: Relapsing And Finding The Way Back One Breath At A Time is a brutally honest personal narrative detailing a painful decent into relapse and a powerful journey back to recovering.
Without condemnation but with passion and purpose, Mountain Air …

  • Embraces individuals who have abandoned their authentic ways of being for a life of personal neglect, indulgence, or self-destruction.
  • Speaks to individuals who have betrayed their healing tenets – the addict who has lost his sobriety, the abused who has returned to her abuser, or the codependent who continues to rescue the uncontrollable.
  • Reaches out to individuals who have maintained a life of stability and wellness, but who are eroding over time – and losing their sense of self and of spirit.Mountain Air is for any individual who has experienced relapse and who is fighting to find his way back…
  • By inviting readers to take a journey with the author as she shares time-tested lessons in the recovering process.
  • By providing thoughtful and accountable exercises with each chapter that guide the reader in the reclaiming and sustaining of their truths.

Praise for Kenley’s Mountain Air
“…a personal memoir out of which she extracts principles that can be generalized to all who are in recovery, inspiring them to take courage. This poetic and nature-infused account should become a standard for all therapists and all in the process of recovery.”
–David Van Nuys, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Host of Shrink Rap Radio

“With Holli’s inspiring personal journey from relapse to recovery and her challenging questions in each chapter, the reader can examine self-defeating behaviors and beliefs that block the natural ability to walk through change, pain, and difficult times.”
–Melissa Yarbray, M.A., Marriage and Family Therapist,Licensed Advanced Alcohol & Drug Counselor

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From Loving Healing Press

Awakening the Power Within – May 15th, 2010 in Ann Arbor

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Come join us for a day of inspiration, education, and renewal at the Awakening the Power Within conference at Weber’s Inn in Ann Arbor, Michigan on May 15th 2010 from 9am to 4pm.  Conference registration is only $25 and includes Weber’s fabulous sandwich buffet lunch. We’ll have a diverse selection of motivational and spiritual presenters:

Time Speaker Topic
9:00 Registration Coffee and networking
10:00 Robin Marvel Energize, Revitalize ~ ChakraCize!
10:55 Marian Volkman Practical Happiness
Noon — break — Lunch provided by Weber’s Inn
12:50pm Rick Ritter Reorganizing the Self: After it has been shattered
1:45pm Jane Saylor The Power of Self-Help:  What you accomplishin this lifetime is all up to you
2:40pm K.J.M. MacLean Consciousness, Feelings, and Self-Empowerment
3:30pm Networking Meet and greet presenters (until 4PM)

Our Amazing Presenters

  • Kenneth J.M. MacLean advocates applying spirituality in a practical, common sense manner to daily life for success and happiness. He’s the host of the Interview with Spirit Show and the author of eight books including The Vibrational Universe: Harness the power of thought to consciously create your life.
  • Robin Marvel is an inspirational speaker, spiritual workshop leader, and radio host. She is the Senior Editor of Marvelous Spirit Press and the author of the Awakening Consciousness series books for boys, girls, and women.
  • Rick Ritter MSW, LCSW is a trauma therapist in a small private practice, disabled vet of 40 years who works at practicing what he “preaches” toward his clients/audience. He is also a father, grandfather, organic gardener (3 acre garden), beekeeper, handcyclist who is extremely blessed. He is the author of Coping With Physical Loss and Disability
  • Jane Saylor is a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. She is also the author of “The Road You’ve Traveled, How to Journal Your Life”.  Learn more at her new website
  • Marian Volkman has worked in the fields of trauma resolution and personal growth for more than 40 years. She teaches Applied Metapsychology, including Traumatic Incident Reduction in the US, Canada and Europe, and maintains a practice working with individuals. She is passionate about development of human potential, among other things. She is the author of Life Skills: Improve the Quality of Your Life
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    Tony Mandarich – My Dirty Little Secrets: Steroids, Alcohol & God

    On March 12th, 2009, Juanita Watson interviewed college and pro football legend Tony Mandarich about his new tell-all memoir, My Dirty Little Secrets: Steroids, Alcohol, and God on the Inside Scoop Live show. As Tony Mandarich left Green Bay in February, 1993, his football career in shambles, Packer Plus staff writer, Tom Mulhern, wrote the following:
    “The overriding sentiment, however, is one of emptiness. Not so much for promises unfulfilled, but for sins not repented. Maybe some day Mandarich will set the record straight and answer all the nagging questions he leaves behind. I hope so.”For all the sports writers, fans, coaches, friends and family, My Dirty Little Secrets sets the record straight. On the 20th anniversary of his draft in 1989, Tony reveals the reasons why he never achieved what the nation expected of him, and what he expected of himself. His story is an inspiration for alcoholics and drug abusers, and offers hope for those trying to help themselves out of the nightmare of addiction.My Dirty Little Secrets promises to help readers

  • Learn about the power of addiction
  • Discover how co-dependency and enablers affect addicts
  • Understand why treatment for addictions is so important in recovery
  • Realize the importance of emotional suppot systems in the lives of alcoholics
  • Accept the role of the Higher Power’s grace in recovery
  • Paperback
    My Dirty Little Secrets is a testament that faith in a higher power can bring us to salvation and light. Tony’s story is touched by magic and brushes against the tragic. It’s a great human journey and a victory for the human spirit.”
    –Jim Irsay, Owner, Indianapolis Colts, Super Bowl (r) XLI ChampionsAfter a highly successful and nationally publicized college career at Michigan State Unviersity, Tony Mandarich was drafted number two in 1989. The hype about his power and standing as a football player along with Tony’s addictions, was more than he could live up to, and his life came crashing down around him. After three more years of alcohol and painkillers’ abuse, Tony accepted God’s hand, went into treatment and now considers it a privilege to be able to help other addicts when called upon.

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    Richard A. Singer, Jr. – Tools for Recovery

    Juanita Watson of Inside Scoop Live interviews Richard A. Singer Jr., author of Your Daily Walk with the Great Minds: Wisdom and Enlightenment of the Past and Present. Richard tells us about his odyssey of recovery from cocaine addiction to his present “dream life” as a psychotherapist working in the lush Cayman Islands.  He recalls his family issues, his personal struggle, and how he found the help and inspiration to be clean for twelve years plus.  His latest project, is an attempt to break the Guiness World Record for gruelling cross-country marathon from New York to California.  Tune in and listen to his amazing story on Authors Airwaves now! Richard A. Singer, Jr.
     If you could change your life today, what would you do…?Your Daily Walk with the Great Minds gives you the inspiration you need each day to be the best you can be and live the life you’ve always desired. Let me be the coach who will lift your spirits, challenge you to go the extra mile, and fulfill your life’s wishes every day. Have you ever wondered?

  • How to have the most fulfilling relationship you can imagine?
  • Why you keep ending up in the same situations over and over again?
  • How to get the job of your dreams?
  • How to maintain peace of mind in a world of conflict and strife?
  • What does it really mean to be a successful human being?
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