The Transformational Storyteller – Episode 2

In Episode 2, you’ll meet Diane Wing, MA and Chrissy, Shih Tzu extraordinaire, and hear about how loss can lead to love. You’ll receive valuable insights about letting go, creating connection, living a spirit-led life, and not taking it all so seriously. This is a story not only of healing but of manifesting the desires of your heart.

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Diane WIng and Daralyse Lyons
Diane WIng and Daralyse Lyons

Homelessness in the World Today – with Jay S. Levy

Homelessness in the World Today – Jay S. Levy has spent the last twenty-five years working with individuals who experience homelessness. He is the author of the newly published book Pre-treatment Guide for Homeless Outreach & Housing First: Helping Couples, Youth, and Unaccompanied Adults, as well as the highly acclaimed book Homeless Narratives & Pre-treatment Pathways: From Words to Housing. Jay has also published a monograph and several journal articles on Homelessness issues. He has helped to develop new Housing First programs such as the Regional Engagement and Assessment for Chronically Homeless Housing First program (REACH). This was adopted by the Western Massachusetts Regional Network as an innovative approach toward reducing chronic homelessness and has also been integrated into the Pioneer Valley’s 10-Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness. Jay received his MSW degree in clinical social work from Columbia University in 1988. He has achieved formal recognition from the Commonwealth of MA Department of Mental Health for his ongoing efforts to help under-served homeless individuals through his direct service, clinical supervision of staff, and program development. Jay is currently employed by Eliot CHS-Homeless Services as a Regional Manager for the state-wide SAMHSA-PATH Homeless Outreach Program and Eliot’s Western MA Housing First Program. –

Episode 55: Talking Trauma Across the Atlantic with Jay Levy & Robin Johnson

Podcasters: Jay Levy, Robin Johnson, Matthew Bennett, & Dr. Jerry Yager

Jay Levy and Robin Johnson join Matt, Curt, and Jerry to discuss their recent book Cross-Cultural Dialogues on Homelessness: From Pretreatment Strategies to Psychologically Informed Environments which was inspired by conversations surrounding homelessness between providers in the United States and the United Kingdom. In their book, Levy and Johnson present a range of best practices for those experiencing homelessness and trauma. In this episode, we explore the insights gained from their important dialogue and how innovation emerges from learning outside our normal focus areas.

Discussion questions:

  1. What lessons did you learn from the experience and conversations of Levy and Johnson?
  2. How could the concepts of pre-treatment or psychologically informed environment help you think about your work?
  3. Did you see any opportunities to step outside your normal focus areas to learn from those with different experiences and unique expertise?

Matt’s Review of Cross-Cultural Dialogues on Homelessness




Black Aging Matters: How to Better Address Racism-Related Stress in African American Older Adults

Presenters for this webinar included Frances Shani Parker, author of Becoming Dead Right:  A Hospice Volunteer in Urban Nursing Homes.  This groundbreaking book is the captivating account of her hospice volunteer insights and experiences in Detroit, Michigan nursing homes. Stories, general information, and poems explore hospice care, urban nursing homes, caregiving, dementia, death, and bereavement. Pain management, death preparations, disparities in healthcare, and strategies for improving healthcare and nursing homes are also examined. Becoming Dead Right presents universal perspectives, particularly the often-missing voices of urban dwellers and people of color.

Becoming Dead Right: A Hospice Volunteer in Urban Nursing Homes is sold in America and several other countries at many offline and online booksellers such as in paperback and e-book editions.



Cyrus Webb CONVERSATIONS with Sweta Srivastava Vikram

Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Sweta Srivastava Vikram to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss what it’s been like to see the response to her book LOUISIANA CATCH, what inspired it and the themes she hopes readers are left thinking about.

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Writer of the Week – Sweta Srivastava Vikram

Sweta Srivastava Vikram, featured by Asian Fusion as “one of the most influential Asians of our time,” is a best-selling author of 12 books, five-times Pushcart Prize nominee, mindfulness writing coach, social issues advocate, and a certified yoga & Ayurveda counselor who helps people lead creative, productive, and healthier lives. Louisiana Catch (Modern History Press 2018) is her debut U.S. novel. It’s the #1 new release on Amazon under women’s divorce fiction and featured on U.K.’s list of “Books to Read in 2018.” Born in India, Sweta spent her formative years between the Indian Himalayas, North Africa, and the United States collecting and sharing stories. She writes hopeful stories about multiculturalism  and women’s issues with a healthy dose of suspense, reflections, wellness, and food. Sweta, whose work has appeared in The New York Times, amongst other publications, across nine countries on three continents, is an award-winning writer and graduate of Columbia University. She lives in New York City with her husband and in her spare time, teaches yoga to female survivors of rape and domestic violence. You can find her in these online spaces: Twitter (@swetavikram), Instagram (@swetavikram), and Facebook (