Ken MacLean on Angelo Campione

Ken MacLean was invited on the Angelo Campione show to talk about his spiritual beliefs and empowering philosophy. “Fundamental universal principles make sense to everyone because they resonate to our common spiritual heritage,” says Ken.”I believe that deep within us is the latent understanding of our spiritual origins, and the existence of universal laws that are based upon the quintessential unity of spirit and matter — an underlying, but invisible substrate that permeates and composes all things.”Ken is a healer and has been trained in Reiki and Urevia, which are vibrational healing modalities that draw forth from the ethers, the subtle energy of Spirit. The unity of spirit and matter is the fundamental truth of our universe, Ken says. These subjects are not incompatible with science or rational thought, despite those who choose to think otherwise.
Ken is a spiritual author interested in spirituality, science, music, Toastmasters, geometry, and disk golf. Ken has written 8 books, produced 3 movies and written over 100 articles in the spirit/mind/body framework. He has also written a math/geometry book.

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