Albert Garoli on Natural Healing for Everyone Radio Show

Dr. Albert Garoli appeared on the Natural Healing for Everyone radio show with host Dr. Michael Holt. Albert Garoli reveals that human subconscious processes operate and react in relation to a physiological way of being that is hindered by an “evolutionary glitch” in our cortex. Coined the “Persona,” it is our internal error that lies at the root of various forms of depression, frustration, poverty, sickness, and general imbalance. This error has many
faces that can be seen, mapped, analyzed, and counteracted through a simple alchemic process described in The Evolutionary Glitch

Based on more than 10 years of research in neurobiology, quantum physics, and psychology, The Evolutionary Glitch provides a major advancement in our understanding of human behaviour and dysfunction.

Listen to the Podcast

Dr. Michael (Magi) Holt

Dr. Michael (Magi) Holt

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