Nancy Oelklaus – Journey from Head to Heart

This week, Authors Airwaves features Nancy Oelklaus reading a special sneak preview from Chapter 1 of her new book Journey From Head to Heart: Living and Working Authentically, available in March 2008 from Loving Healing press.  Specializing in helping people make transitions,
her knowledge and skills have been learned through more than 30 years of working in education and business to understand how adults learn and change—and how they can do it faster so that they may spend more time in “happily ever after.”      Listen to the PodCast!    Click here for RSS feed! PupuPlayer PRO
Nancy Oelklaus
  •  A toolkit for those who are exhausted from solving never-ending problems, working harder and harder and not arriving at the destination where they truly want to be.
  • A Map for how to make the journey from head to heart and then integrate the two so that the power of ego is diminished and the Authentic Self can emerge to live and work from the power of the human spirit.
  • A Reference book that may be used for many years to come as the reader meets life’s challenges with success that satisfies both the head and the heart.Journey from Head to Heart is exactly that, integrating logic, reason, emotion, spirituality, Christianity, science, and ancient wisdom from a variety of sources to create a recipe for wholeness. The tools and processes are designed for people who are a little wary of “touchy-feely” or “New Age” approaches.
Journey from Head to Heart: Loving and Working Authentically

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