George W. Doherty – Crisis Intervention Training for Disaster Workers

Jake D. Steele interviews George W. Doherty on disasters, the community response, the roles of first responders, Disaster Mental Health Services and Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) responders and teams. We talk about each of these and their roles in responding to the needs of both victims and disaster workers. This includes discussion about war, terrorism and follow-up responses by mental health professionals. Doherty is the author of the new textbook Crisis Intervention Training for Disaster Workers: An Introduction.
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George Doherty has held positions as counselor/therapist, Masters Level psychologist, consultant, educator, disaster mental health specialist and is a former U.S. Air Force Officer. He is President of O`Dochartaigh Associates since 1985. President & CEO. George is also the founder of the  Rocky Mountain Region Disaster Mental Health Institute. Crisis Intervention Training for Disaster Workers

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Oleg Reznik – Secrets of Medical Decision Making

Sue Vogan interviews Oleg Reznik, M.D. on The Secrets of Medical Decision Making: How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of the HealthCare machine. We are all patients at some time. Is the medical industry giving us the best treatment possible, at the best price? We all know that it isn’t. This new book shows what goes on behind the scenes of the current medical care and how it impacts the patient.

In this book, Dr. Reznik describes actual cases from his clinical practice showing the most common paths that lead to increased patient suffering. This book offers possible solutions for outpatient, inpatient, preventive, and end-of-life care settings. Learn About…

  • The Medical Box and how it affects the care you receive
  • When to avoid risky and uncomfortable tests
  • Hazards of under-treatment, over-treatment, and mistreatment
  • How to make an informed medical decision in your best interests
  • Cancer and how to approach your treatment
  • Planning for quality of life during end-of-life issues

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    Dr. Reznik is an instructor at OHSU department of family medicine. He provides a full spectrum of general medical care at the OHSU Richmond Clinic. He cares for adults, children, and to do low-risk obstetrics. Reznik has admitting privileges at the OHSU University Hospital’s medical, intensive care, pediatric, and obstetrical units.His strongest and most profound interest is in mind-body medicine, specifically, phenomenology and mental imagery. I am certified by The American Institute of Mental Imagery and run Mind-Body Medicine Clinic at OHSU Richmond Clinic.

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    Frances Shani Parker on Jake Steele’s “Authors Audio”

    Frances Shani Parker, author of Becoming Dead Right: A Hospice Volunteer in Urban Nursing Homes talks with Author’s Audio host Jake Steele about the challenges of eldercare in institutions such as nursing homes and hospice. Her book is the captivating account of Frances Shani Parker’s hospice volunteer experiences in Detroit nursing homes. Stories, general information, and poems about patients and health care familiarize readers with the nursing home world, dementia, pain management, disparities, death, rituals, bereavement, and “how to” information on caregiving. Improvements needed in hospice and nursing homes are also examined. This groundbreaking book, published by Loving Healing Press, is available at this Web site,, Barnes and Noble, and other booksellers.

    Frances Shani Parker
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    Frances Shani Parker is a writer, consultant, and hospice volunteer. Her writing has won awards from Writer’s Digest, the Poetry Society of Michigan, the Detroit Writer’s Guild, Broadside Press, and the New Orleans Public Library. Among publications including her work are Black Arts Quarterly (Stanford University), Warpland: A Journal of Black Literature and Ideas (Chicago State University), and Voices of the Civil Rights Movement (AARP). Among venues at which her poems have been read are the International AIDS Conference in South Africa and “Artists Among Us,” sponsored by the Michigan Wayne County Council for Arts, History, and Humanities.A former school principal, Parker has had essays and poems published in the educational arena, particularly on service learning, a teaching and learning method that connects classroom learning with meeting community needs. She has been honored as “Outstanding Educational Administrator” by the Metropolitan Detroit Alliance of Black School Educators and “Educator of the Year” by the Wayne State University Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa, an international, professional fraternity for educators. Becoming Dead Right

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    Marian K. Volkman – Maximizing Happiness in Your Life

    This week we feature Marian K. Volkman on “Maximizing Happiness in Your Life” recorded live at the 2006 Mind/Body/Spirit Festival in Warren, Michigan.  Can we choose happiness or does it all happen by chance? What is happiness, anyways?  The answers to these questions along with the four keys to success are answered in this week’s interactive and lively discussion. Marian is the author of Life Skills: Improve the Quality of Your Life with Metapsychology and Turtle Dolphin Dreams (a work of visionary fiction).
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     Marian Volkman
    Life Skills highlights key factors from the subject and illuminates the ways that these factors can be used on a daily basis for improved quality of life, as an individual, in relationships, and in the wider world.   

    • Learn handy and usually quite fast techniques to assist another person after a shock, injury or other distress.
    • Learn simple methods for expanding your awareness on a daily basis.
    • Gain a deeper understanding of what a relationship is, and how to strengthen and nurture it.
    • Learn the components of successful communication, what causes communication to break down, and how to repair breakdowns.
    • Gain vital keys to understanding those behaviors of other people that have previously been inexplicable to you.
    • Gain the ability to more accurately predict certain patterns of human behavior, and to be more effective in dealing with the negative ones.
    • Learn an effective tool for making important life decisions.
    • Explore human potential.
    What if we shared planet Earth with other intelligent species?
    What if inter-species communication were really possible?
    Seek out some answers in Turtle Dolphin Dreams… An extremely unusual work of fiction in which three creatures, a turtle, a dolphin and a human link minds through dreams to bring a unique perception of the world. Most of the narration is by the Turtle (via the human) and Dolphin’s voice comes through both turtle and human, yet somehow this strange book hangs together and holds the reader’s attention.”A pearl is a small thing, and yet it is as precious as any jewel. So is this little book.”
    –Robert Rich, Ph.D.
     Turtle Dolphin Dreams

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    Peggy Fisher and Sylvia Dickey Smith – Finding Transformation in a Marital Crisis

    Peggy FisherListen to the PodCast!!   Click here for RSS feed!   Peggy M. Fisher earned her M.A. from Teachers College, Columbia University. She has held various professional careers as a registered nurse, army officer, teacher and guidance counselor.  Now retired, she has finally accepted her journey as a writer.  She is the author of  Lifting Voices: Voices of the Collective Struggle.  Her poems have appeared in several anthologies including Commemorating Excellence:  the 1998  Presidential Awards. Peggy’s book, Search Lights For My Soul, placed second in the Self-help category in the Reader Views Reviewers Choice Award 2007.   She is one of the featured authors in an anthology of essays, The Story That Must Be Told, to be published by Loving Healing Press in June 2007.   Peggy Fisher has completed a memoir, tentatively titled, Journey to the Jewels Within. Peggy M. Fisher has attended many workshops and conferences over the years including the Hurston-Wright Foundation, Goucher College, The Philadelphia Black Writers’ Conferences, the New Jersey Council of the Arts Writers and Arts Programs and The International Women’s Writing Guild Conferences.  In July 2003, Fisher completed the Amherst Writer and Artists Creative Writing Workshop Leadership course of study.  This Spring she participated in poetry workshops led by Cave Canem Foundation fellows 

    Peggy M. Fisher has presented workshops in writing for the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers at their annual conference for the past three years.  She continues her commitment to young people by meeting with them to talk about their needs as she completes a book on coping for teens.  Peggy M. Fisher is available for readings as well as workshops.
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    Sylvia Dickey Smith It’s been said that Sylvia Dickey Smith sees everything and misses nothing. She was born and reared in exotic southeast Texas, the land of Cajuns, cowboys, pirates and Paleo-Indians. She entered this world backwards—feet first, and left-handed—and has done most things backwards ever since.At 17 she married a preacher and for the next 28 years followed him across the state as he pastored various local churches. Seven of those years were spent on the Caribbean island of Trinidad, W.I. working as foreign missionaries before returning to Texas at mid-life. At 41 she took her first freshman class and fought her way to a BA in Sociology and a Masters in Educational Psychology while raising four children and being ‘the preacher’s wife’. After that, she worked with non-profit and for-profit organizations within the human services field and conducted private practice as a licensed professional counselor before embarking on a career as a novelist. Her first mystery novel, Dance On His Grave debuted at the same time her non-fiction short story debuted in The Story That Must Be Told: True Tales of Transformation. Her plans are to one day develop the short story into a memoir. She currently lives in Round Rock, Texas with her husband, Bill, an Army Colonel (Ret.).
    Visit the author’s website
    The Story That Must Be Told: True Tales of Transformation, Vol. I
    Edited by Irene Watson and Victor R. Volkman
    Loving Healing Press (2007)
    ISBN 9781932690385  Read the review on

    Synopsis: What will you do when life puts you to the ultimate test? This slim volume contains 21 true stories of courage, love, endurance, and undying hope from people around the USA and UK. Follow each of our authors as they detail what it took to face impossible circumstances and powerfully transform them into forgiveness, understanding, and grace.

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    Alan E. Smith – Introduction to Complementary and Alternative Therapies

    This week Authors Airwaves presents Alan E. Smith, author of the new book Unbreak Your Health: The Complete Guide to Complementary and Alternative Therapies. This book is all about hope. From ancient healing therapies to the latest American innovations you have more options for great health today than ever before. Complementary and alternative therapies, known as CAM, are about more than just improving your health. These therapies are about helping you rediscover the joy, the wonder and the beauty of living. We invite you to listen to Alan reading from Chapters 1, 2, 6, and 7. Also, a bonus track describes The Alexander Technique, a simple method of changing the way the body moves to improve range of motion and posture while relieving chronic pain. one of the more than 130 techniques featured in this book.              Click here for RSS feed!  
    They say you can’t “unbreak the mirror”, meaning the damage is done. In the world of healthcare the analogy would be mainstream medicine treating the symptoms of the broken mirror with drugs to try and glue it back together. To UnBreak Your Health™ means discovering the real source of the problem and treating all of it. In this book, you’ll find information new and old and begin to see patterns and concepts between therapies that are consistent through thousands of years and across civilizations around the world. 

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