Sherry Quan Lee – Live at University of Minnesota

On September 17th, 2008 Sherry Quan Lee¬†gave a reading from her new book How to Write A Suicide Note: serial essays that saved a woman’s life as well as excerpts from other pieces of her work at the University of Minnesota Bookstore. We hope you will enjoy this rare chance to listen to the author read her own work on Authors Airwaves.
How to Write a Suicide Note examines the life of a Chinese/Black woman who grew up passing for white, who grew up poor, who loves women but has always married white men. Writing has saved her life. It has allowed her to name the historical trauma–the racist, sexist, classist experiences that have kept her from being fully alive, that have screamed at her loudly and consistently that she was no good, and would never be any good-and that no one could love her. Writing has given her the creative power to name the experiences that dictated who she was, even before she was born, and write notes to them, suicide notes.Sherry Quan Lee believes writing saves lives; writing has saved her life.

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