Dr. Anacleto Belleza Millendez helping abuse victims in the Phillipines

Featured here is Dr. Anacleto Belleza Millendez (http://anacletobellezamillendez.webs.com) promoting the book, SOUL RAPE. This is an educational video presentation of the Beautiful Heart Foundation, Inc. ( http://www.bhfi.webs.com ).


  1. I was hoping to learn more about the book. I am a survivor of child molestation, abuse, incest, rape, severe beatings, being forced to have an abortion all before I was old enough to understand what was happening to me. I was passed around to my bio-logical fathers friends in rituals. Later I was saved by God, my mom & now who I can safely call dad. I survive each day by the grace of God.. Please how may I obtain a copy of the book? I feel it may help me further in my destination.

  2. My apologies for the delay, the book is available at Amazon.com or your local Barnes & Noble can special-order it for you at no extra cost

  3. so sad that my boyfriend is in UAE.. we pleannd to save money together while i’m here in the philippines and i’m trying to really follow him and work in UAE together with him.. Unfortunately, while looking in this uae law.. I’m really shattered and teary for what they’re law is all about. I was diagnosed and treated for this TB for 6 months now and really afraid to follow him since that i maybe blacklisted in their country. again. i am already treated and has a med certificate that i undergo medical treatment. May PRESIDENT OBAMA and NINOY AQUINO in the philippines help us with this. it is really impartial and unfair for this none sense law.

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