Alfredo Zotti on surviving Bipolar disorder and being a creative person

Hi, my name is Alfredo and I am an Italian immigrant–I emigrated to Australia from Italy in 1974. Back in the 80s I discovered that I had bipolar disorder, however that did not stop me from creating a good life for myself. I did all the things that made me a good citizen: I started to work but as a musician and as a cook in various Italian restaurants and later went to university and was able to get a university degree

I majored in sociology in anthropology and later study some psychology. Later, I began to help people online people that suffer with depression and anxiety and bipolar disorder. What I discovered was that many people with bipolar disorder, but also other disorders such as depression and anxiety were very creative and extremely intelligent. Today after many years of helping people online and helping myself and my wife–because we both suffered with bipolar disorder–I have come to one important conclusion: that bipolar disorder, just like depression and anxiety in other mental disorders as well, it’s part of being human of the human experience.

I invite you to learn more through this video as we discuss creativity and mental disorders with experts.

Alfredo Zotti is a musician, composer, painter, and writer who has Bi-Polar disorder. He has used elements of Method Acting as well as Art Therapy to aid his own journey and others.

Daughters Betrayed by their Mothers on AZ TV

Author Holli Kenley launches her newest release on Arizona TV with “Sandy and Friends!” Her fourth published book on “betrayal” , Holli describes what makes “Daughters Betrayed By Their Mothers: Moving From Brokenness To Wholeness” so powerful. ” These are the stories of daughters who chose wellness over victimhood. It’s not about blaming their mothers. It’s about daughters who took responsibility for their recovery, breaking through their betrayals, healing their wounds, and coming to a place of peace and acceptance – first with themselves and then with their mothers. The daughters are beautiful legacies to the power of choice, perseverance, and resilience!”

Learn more at


Mother trying to empower kids before they need help

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – A West Michigan mother is working to empower others and reach kids at a young age. She wants to build them up before they head down the wrong path.

Robin Marvel has already published six books, at the age of 35, now this mother of five is turning to magazines aimed at help the most vulnerable population.

It’s something she never dreamed she would accomplish with the way her life started out.

Dr. Anacleto Belleza Millendez helping abuse victims in the Phillipines

Featured here is Dr. Anacleto Belleza Millendez ( promoting the book, SOUL RAPE. This is an educational video presentation of the Beautiful Heart Foundation, Inc. ( ).