Dr. Albert Garoli on the Mind, Brain, and Body Show

We welcome Albert Garoli, Author of The Evolutionary Glitch: Rise Above the Root of Your Problems. Has modern medicine deviated from its wholesome roots and dedicated its course to the unwise practice of addressing only symptoms rather than the root cause of diseases? Is our government system organized to take advantage of us rather than have our best interests at heart? Are our educational systems inherently flawed to perpetuate the fatal errors of ego-development and self-sabotage? The only way of obtaining true happiness, prosperity, success and enlightenment is to let go of our ingrained cultural norms, beliefs, and values by returning to a more simplistic means absent of ego. The American dream is but an imposed delusion. The Evolutionary Glitch is based on more than 10 years of research in neurobiology, quantum physics, and psychology and draws on ancient medicines and philosophies as well as the latest discoveries about how our brains work.

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Host Dr. Michael Kell

Host Dr. Michael Kell

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